Hopwood Globe Company Profile

A Rich History, An Exciting Future. . . A Winning Combination

Hopwood Globe is part of SEI MetalTek, a dynamic multi-location manufacturer committed to providing the best in metal products and metal products finishes.  We have a nationwide market with expanding sales, and are very proud of our solid track record of environmental compliance.  Hopwood Globe differentiates itself by offering superior quality, by listening carefully to the customer's needs, and by providing expert technical assistance.  We employ the most popular finishing processes to satisfy its customers' requirements and can also help you with customizable metal solutions that will meet your most demanding new requirements.


The majority of Hopwood's customers are in the following industries: precision sheet metal fabrication, precision machine parts and hardware, communications, aerospace, and electronics.  Contact us or fill out our inquiry form form to find out more.


Hopwood Globe can trace its beginnings to the year 1886 when the Globe Nickel Plating Company began rack plating stoves, tools, and fire equipment in a still solution of nickel.  Through the years the company added barrel plating capabilities and became a major metal finisher.


Then there was the Hopwood Retinning Corporation, which began operations in 1919, refurbishing rusty, discarded milk cans, and quickly became a pioneer and leader in the food container retinning industry.


With the rise of the electronics and associated industries in New England in the 1970's, the two organizations joined forces to bring together a history of diverse metal finishing experience and capabilities.


Now, Hopwood Globe can provide you with the metal finishing solutions you are looking for.  We provide responsive customer service, fast turnaround times, and pick up /delivery service you need.  Contact us to find out more.


You can also download a PDF describing our processes.