RoHS Compliance for Hopwood Globe

The European Directive commonly referred to as "RoHS" which is short for The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment mandates that electronic components containing any of the substances listed below cannot be imported into Europe after July 1, 2006:



At Hopwood Globe, we fully understand that this directive affects only a portion of our customers and we will continue to offer our current line of processes.  However, we also understand that the industry is changing in many ways.  With this in mind, we believe that it is important for us to take a proactive approach in order to maintain our status as an industry leader.  We have recently incorporated some of the most cutting edge technologies into our processes.

We now offer finishes that comply with RoHS such as:

Hopwood Globe's new line of trivalent chromates is approved for many specifications such as:


It is important to note that the above processes may yield differences in performance as well as visual differences.  Because it is beyond our scope to know your product, it is also beyond our scope to know exactly how (if at all) these differences will impact your product.  Therefore, Hopwood Globe will be happy to process samples of any of these alternative processes for testing and qualifying free of charge.  And we urge you to take advantage of this offer.  It is our intention to continuously pursue improvement through research for offering our customers the very best that technology has to offer.  By doing so, we believe that our position as well as our vendors and customers will remain as leaders in this industry.


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Please view our Certificate of Compliance.